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FarmWise offers weeding as a service in California and Arizona.

Precision mechanical weeding that works

Built collaboratively with vegetable growers, the FarmWise weeding machines achieve the level of flexibility, reliability, and precision that the industry needs.

Lettuce crops being detected by AI model


Computer vision
20 million crop data
State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence


Made entirely in the US, built by ROUSH
Caterpillar Engine
Custom robotics arms
FarmWise employee operating a robot
FarmWise supports a variety of crops including leafy greens, cauliflower, and broccoli.
Field data is given back to growers to optimize forecasting processes.
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Adaptable to different crops, soil, and growth stages

  • Adjustable blade precision
  • Proprietary blade design, customized for your field conditions
  • Easily switches from one crop type to another
  • Flexible bed widths to work in different settings
  • Handles row configuration up to 6 seed lines per bed

Pay-per-acre model

Our service model is fully integrated and includes transportation, operations, servicing, and maintenance of the equipment, so growers can focus on other important decisions.

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