Tackling the biggest challenge of our time

Our team launched rockets, built self-driving cars, and contributed to key academic papers in robotics and AI.
We now build farming robots

FarmWise employee calibrating the robot

Our culture

Our diverse team is defined by a set of principles that makes us work well together. Here is a sneak peek.


Focused on the End Impact
Creating value for farmers today is what drives every action we take as a team.


We’re rethinking agricultural processes from the ground up. We like to challenge what "impossible" means.


Fast Movers
We thrive on quick R&D cycles to deliver on our promise to create value on the fields every day. While aiming to solve the most important problems, we’re putting emphasis on quick delivery by focusing on the 80% that really matters.


Taking Ownership
We're walking together as one team toward our company's higher goal: farmers' biggest satisfaction. We value ownership of decisions and keep ourselves and others accountable.

Meet some of us


Marie Schiltz

Computer vision lead

"I came from academia where I worked on many vision-related challenges. Here, I love seeing various complex technologies come together to create a unique product."

Jaime Eltit

Commercial Operations Manager

"I have spent my career helping farmers be more efficient. With FarmWise I am excited about being able to do this quicker, better, and at a much bigger scale with technology."

Michael Javault

Lead Backend and Embedded Software Engineer

"I led my last company through its acquisition and wanted my next challenge to be about bringing a product to market that's absolutely needed, working on something that everyone wants: good, sustainable food."

Career Opportunities

Technicians looking at a tablet Employees posing for group photo