Our team launched rockets, built self-driving cars, and contributed to key academic papers in robotics and AI. We now build farming robots together.

Our Culture

Our diverse team is defined by a set of principles that makes us work well together. Here is a sneak peak.


We are driven by the desire to have a large impact on the way society operates. We are redefining the way food should be grown, and deploying robots that make it possible.


We enjoy tackling challenges far beyond our own area of expertise, and learning new things. We value ownership of decisions, and keep ourselves and others accountable.

One Team

We come from different background, with different views of technology and the world. Yet, we work every day together toward the same goal, learning from each other, and enjoying interacting in an ego-free environment. We take our work extremely seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We Do Not Settle

We challenge what "impossible" means. We get excited when facing new seemingly unsolvable problems, and we work hard to bring reality closer to our wildest dreams.

Meet Some of Us

Marie Schiltz

Computer Vision Lead

"I came from academia where I worked on many vision-related challenges. Here, I love seeing various complex technologies come together to create a unique product".

Jaime Eltit

Technical Project Manager

"I have spent my career helping farmers be more efficient, with FarmWise I am excited about being able to do this quicker, better, and at a much bigger scale with technology".

Matt Condino

Robotics Software Engineer

"I was looking for a use-case where robotics can really make a difference. It's really cool to be working on technology that is bringing farming to the next level".

Career Opportunities