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Our team comes from the most successful companies in the fields of self-driving cars, farming, and consumer electronics, as well as from the leading AI labs in the world. Our leaders have helped companies grow from the earliest stage to mature, enduring brands. We have all come together to build the future of precision agriculture.

At FarmWise, we believe that farming can be done at the plant level and at scale. Our team wants to enable growers to rethink farming operations with machines and technology that can perceive, understand, and act on each and every plant in real-time.

For years, FarmWise operated a commercial fleet of automated weeder prototypes across the greater Salinas Valley in California. After 25,000 acres of commercial weeding and associated learnings, FarmWise released its Vulcan precision implement in 2023. Vulcan is a unique intra-row weeder and precision cultivator designed for durability and efficient weeding.


Be grower obsessed

When we build products and features, we start and end with growers in mind, focusing on what's best for the long term.


Meet challenge with action

Many interesting problems look impossible to solve, at first. We embrace this and don't shy away from hard problems. We chase the big ideas and encourage disruptive ideas and action plans. We value action and accountability, and we encourage failure when taken as an opportunity to learn and improve.


Value ideas over egos

We set aside being right, in favor of finding the right idea. Finding the right idea comes from questioning and challenging, so we trust our teammates' expertise and assume the best intentions from everyone. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves, and are open to being wrong

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