Sustainable farming, at scale

Reconciling productivity and sustainability through
Artificial Intelligence

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Reconciling productivity and sustainability

Our mission is to provide farmers with solutions that solve their
most pressing issues while building a new farming paradigm for
the future.

Plowed land

Our long term challenge is to help farmers produce more and better products with less land, less energy, less labor and without chemicals.


Today, we are using AI and robotics to offer solutions to farmers’ most pressing issues finding labor.

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"Overall in the U.S., the decline in workers is reducing fruit and vegetable production by 9.5%"

The Wall Street Journal, 2015

"We're pretty much begging for workers. It's very bleak"

Tom Nassif, CEO of Western Growers
reported by CNN, 2016

"We’re in a constant search for new technology because of the pressure on labor"

Hank Giclas, Vice President for Science and Technology at Western Growers. 2017
Robotic inspection

Building a product for today’s
farmer main issue

We are building autonomous farming robots for vegetable farms.


Robot capabilities

  • Mechanical Weeding: 100% labor free and
    chemical free weeding process.
  • Data Gathering and Analytics: Growth monitoring,
    disease and insect recognition

Value proposition to farmer

  • Save money: $200-$400 / acre
    → (down to) $100 acre
Pilot Programs

If you own or operate a vegetable farm,
you can apply for our pilot program.

We are selecting vegetable farms with diverse crops and sizes to enter
the program. These farms have an early access to the technology and the
ability to participate in the co-developpement of the technology.

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Get to know us...

We are a team of engineers passionate about
sustainability and organic food! We believe that
humanity doesn’t need to slowly destroy the planet’s
resources to produce enough food for everyone.
Finally, we think we can build the solutions that will
enable the transition to this new farming paradigm
that we call “scalable sustainability”.


Our team comes from the AI, mechanical engineering
and robotics worlds. We have been trained in top
US Universities such as MIT, Columbia and
Stanford University. Before building the
future of farming, we have proudly built innovative
products for tech companies such as IBM,
Theranos and Facebook.


We are lucky to be advised by experienced
and fascinating peolpe. Our advisors include
Jean Louis Gassee, Dejan Pangercic, Alex Adelman.


We are supported by the Sillicon Valley
environment through Lemnos Labs, Alchemist
Accelerator and Thrive Accelerator.

Featured in
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FarmWise (previously DeepLook) was named
one of the World Changing Ideas of 2017
by Fast Company

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FarmWise was a winner of Thrive competition
in 2017 which selects 10 of the world’s most
promising technology ideas for Agriculture

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FarmWise was a finalist at the Western
Growers Association Annual Meeting in 2016

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