Farming every plant, every day

Our adaptable machinery helps you
nurture each plant, grow healthier crops, and enjoy better profits

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Robotic inspection

Our autonomous vegetable weeder helps you
save labor, save time, have better products
and greater yields.

Re-inventing farming starts with a single machine that:

Offers precision weeding and thinning.

Replaces herbicides and increases yield.

Works reliably 24/7, even at night.

Adapts seamlessly to different crops


Our CTO, Thomas Palomares, is the grandson of French farmers. He spent his summers on the family farm, seeing the long hours and hard work of his grandparents. Meanwhile, our CEO Sebastien Boyer studied the issues affecting long-term environmental sustainability. After university, Thomas and Sebastien knew they wanted to provide farmers with a cost-effective alternative to pesticides for the health of the farmer, farm worker, consumer, and the environment.


To better understand how American farmers grew their vegetables and what their greatest concerns were, Thomas and Sebastien volunteered on small rural vegetable farms on the East Coast. It was on these farms that they learned weeding was one of the greatest and fastest growing expenses for farmers, and that ineffective or partial weeding reduced overall yields. Soon after, Thomas and Sebastien moved to the Bay Area to work with other top engineers and California growers to develop the best solution for not only weeding, but also for other issues impacting vegetable farmers and their crops.

The result is FarmWise.

Pilot Programs

If you own or operate a vegetable farm,
you can apply for our pilot program.

We are selecting vegetable farms with diverse crops and sizes. These farms will have early access to our weeding technology and their input will help us adapt and improve to meet their needs.

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FarmWise (previously DeepLook) was named
one of the World Changing Ideas of 2017
by Fast Company

FarmWise was a winner of Thrive competition
in 2017 which selects 10 of the world’s most
promising technology ideas for Agriculture

FarmWise was a finalist at the Western
Growers Association Annual Meeting in 2016

FarmWise was chosen as the favorite start-up from class XV
of Alchemist Accelerator by TechCrunch

FarmWise will present its vision for an autonomous farming world
at Forbes Agtech summit on June 28th 2017

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